Advancements in orthodontics means patients can benefit from new ways to straighten teeth and transform smiles without many of the negative aspects they complained about in the past. There are numerous types of orthodontic treatments to choose from, depending on your condition and your lifestyle. Traditional braces aren’t necessarily the way to go, especially when Dr. Fooladi at Smiles 4 Life Orthodontics in Park Slope can give you other great options. One alternative is SureSmile, a type of braces that provides the results you desire in a faster time.

What is SureSmile?

This method uses high-tech tools and techniques to exert pressure on your teeth in the exact places needed. This makes the braces more effective in moving teeth and gets desired results faster. One of the greatest aspects of SureSmile’s modern technology is that a standard factory archwire is not used, nor is an archwire shaped by hand by an orthodontist. Instead, a specialized robot custom-shapes the SureSmile archwire. This gives Dr. Fooladi the ability to apply very specific, directed force to your teeth so that each of your 32 teeth move individually.

What are the benefits?

SureSmile’s highly accurate, smooth process results in a straighter smile than with traditional braces. The process is also usually more comfortable for patients than regular braces. Perhaps SureSmile’s greatest selling point is that it can cut treatment time almost in half! It has been proven to reduce the time that most patients wear braces by as much as 40 percent. Traditional braces are often worn two years or even longer, but Dr. Fooladi’s SureSmile patients are sometimes finished with treatment in as little as 15 months. This also means fewer appointments in the long run at Smiles 4 Life Orthodontics, a benefit for busy patients.

Step 1: Advanced Optical Imaging

SureSmile is made up of an innovative three-step process. First, advanced orthodontic technology creates a 3D computer model of your mouth and bite using optical imaging tools. This provides Dr. Fooladi with unmatched insight into your orthodontic condition in a much more precise way than previous ways such as impressions.

Step 2: Comprehensive Planning

Dr. Fooladi uses the computer model to closely examine your teeth and bite. The team at Smiles 4 Life Orthodontics creates virtual simulations to determine how SureSmile treatment will affect your teeth. This allows development of the ideal treatment plan for your specific smile.

Step 3: Robotic Precision

Once a detailed treatment plan is in place, instructions are uploaded to a special robot that meticulously shapes a memory alloy archwire to fit Dr. Fooladi’s prescription. This wire will exert force on every tooth individually, as opposed to all teeth at once in traditional braces, which makes treatment more effective.